When God Arrested My Soul

When God Arrest My Soul came about in a time when I had just lost my primary Job. A couple months later I was able to pick up a part time position at a local department store working a cash register. On a slow day where there wasn’t much consumer traffic coming through the store, I was there singing melodies in my heart and mind, mildly dancing around while touching up my space so that it remains presentable. Then a fellow cower walked by and asked, “How are you always smiling? I’m always sad, no matter what I do I’m always down, wish I could always smile like you.” I didn’t even take notice of my joyful appearance so her question caused me to reflect for a while. It was in that time I took a piece of register tape and wrote down, “It feels sweet in my soul.” Over the length of the shift I dwelled on the moment when God changes a sinner’s life and so the chorus began to take shape. The song in itself is an expression of personal and observed testimonies.

After singing the chorus at my home church Cornerstone Apostolic Ark Church in Albany, NY, the brethren seemed to expressly relate. With some effort, the church brethren were able to get me to have it be one of our selections for our upcoming fellowship services. After a few rehearsals, all the kids and adults started to sing and dance to the song. On church trips all the kids would begin to sing it in the van and the adults would follow suite.

Then came the requests to have the song recorded. I would shy away from doing the track for a few months. One Sunday a visiting Elder that was one of the first to hear the song shook my hand and said “Push it.” For weeks I pondered on these words as to why he would say such a thing out of the blue; but then it clicked!

As soon as I opened my mind to the idea of recording the track, things started to fall into place. A longtime church and family friend that we had not seen in years came to visit. He said, my sons could help you get it done. The process involved an intricate volley of files over the internet but I stayed positive and we exchanged numbers. I reached out and it was then I got in touch with Mario Saunders in Kingston, Jamaica. Mario and I grew up in church as kids and he and his brother were accomplished musicians in our church at a very young age. Mario explained the process to me and went right to work on the instrumental track. At the same time I reached out to the guys at Overit Studios in Albany, NY and they expressed great interest in helping to produce the song. We linked up and Adam from Overit got me in for a session. It was my first time in a studio but my producer and mix engineer David made it a great experience. As the project developed I reached out to David Gale from Mt. Zion Apostolic Church in Canada and he was able to make some musical contributions to instrumental as well. Renee’Badresingh of Miracle Temple, Mandeville, Jamaica also helped out with some backup vocals. The spirit was right and things just seemed to come together.

The idea to launch this song as a fundraiser for my Church came about because this song would not have made it to this stage without its influence and support. The Cornerstone Apostolic Ark Church lead by Pastor David Barnes has been renting for years but, the lord has expressed to us that he is preparing a place for us. Now faith without work is dead, and so this project is just me asking you to support us as we move forward with faith in our Lord Jesus Christ our God that his promises are sure.

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