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This camp will feature professional, certified coaches with over 100 yrs of experience put together. Our coaches are passionate and versed in the sport of track and field. Athletes will learn the technical, psychological, and social aspects to being a successful track athlete. Practices will be fun, challenging, and informational.

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Cost: $100.00 

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The Blue Print summer track and field performance improvement program is designed to help young athletes understand and develop in the sport. The program takes a holistic approach to training by emphasizing the importance of the simplest details, most significant details, and everything in-between. We believe that this approach is necessary in order to execute performances at the highest level on race day.

Athletes will engage in activities geared towards improving physical strength, balance, coordination,rhythm, event execution, speed, power, explosiveness, mental toughness, confidence, race execution, how to training, meet preparation and conduct, and much more.

We seek to provide athletes with a fun, focused, supportive, and overall positive training environment. All athletes are expected to show up prepared, act with respect, be punctual, and be attentive.

The Blue Print will run officially from July 14th-16 & 21-23, from 5:30pm-7:30pm at Albany High School.

Athletes are required and expected to have all needed personal medical devices at hand in case of emergency. These include epi pens, asthma pumps, etc. All athletes must provide the information for two emergency contacts. Athletes are required to bring a water bottle. Athletes are encouraged to wear trainers for workout sessions. Athletes must provide their own transportation to and from sessions. Athletes must return a signed copy of this form acknowledging that parent/guardian are responsible for medical care that is not otherwise treatable by supplies in a general med kit. By signing this form athletes and parent/guardian acknowledge that they have read and agree to the contents of this form.

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